High-Performance Rowing and Canoeing Center of Pocinho

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About Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho

The High-Performance Rowing and Canoeing Center of Pocinho (Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho) it’s located at Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in the north of Portugal (about 1h30m from Oporto).

This region it’s known and classified as a UNESCO world heritage. A protected area of the upper Douro vineyard and offers perfect conditions for the practice of nautical sports as rowing and canoeing all along the year.

The modern building, winner of several architectural prizes, has the capacity for 159 athletes divided between 85 different rooms.


Sport for all

The building is organized in 3 distinct areas, Social Zone, Accommodation Zone and Training Zone, and it was thought to ensure mobility and accessibility for all in an extension of 8,000 m2.


What it’s included in the plan?*

The basic plan includes:

  • Rental Boat
  • Airport Transfer
  • Full Board
  • Motor Boat
  • Access to all areas of the center

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Training Area:

  • Fully equipped gym, with about 500m²;
  • Administrative and theoretical support rooms for training;
  • Meeting room of coaches;
  • Multimedia room for theoretical classes and video screenings;
  • Multipurpose rooms for national technical teams;
  • Medical area with complementary diagnostic facilities;
  • Indoor pool 25m x 5,65m (depths between 1,20m e 1,70m);
  • Relaxation area with whirlpool, Sauna, Turkish bath;
  • Shower rooms;
  • Technical installations.


Outdoor Training Zone:

  • Outdoor Sports Area;
  • Douro River, by platform of access to the water plan, in the Cais of Pocinho (1 km from the Center), with hangar for boats and nautical equipment.


The Social Area has:

  • Auditorium with translation rooms (for 3 different languages);
  • A study room with library and cyberspace;
  • Living room with games and living areas;
  • Administrative office, meeting room;
  • Canteen for around 70 users;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bar room
  • Terrace;
  • Staff Rooms


Other Areas:

  • Garage, with 500 m2;
  • Technical areas distributed by the building.





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4 reviews

  1. Stunning View and Great Training Center

    It’s a little bit far from the bigger city of north Portugal but it has amazing facilities and a great location over the Douro River, that it’s something amazing.

  2. I have used this facility on several occasion and would rate it as one of the best I have been to a round the world for rowing camps, exceptional service by the staff, who are warm and friendly and will provide anything you need, highly recommended as rowing camp venue to all international crews.

  3. Best center of rowing

    One of the best places in world to row, calm water.. Amazing center, with everything you need.. Very good food for athletes and coach’s.
    Great weather without rain and a lot of sun, place with optimal microclimate.

  4. Last year the Dutch men team has been training here in Februari. Very nice place to train. Nice long strech of water (more then 10k) on the RIO Douro. Also a beautiful designed centre. There is a good equipes gym and even a pool/sauna. They serve good meals special for rowers.

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Nuno Mendes e Pedro Fraga

from Nelo Rowing


Location - Vila Nova de Foz Côa
Airport Distance - 190km
Airport Transfer - Yes
Nearest City - V.N. Foz Côa
Capacity - 159
Water - Douro River
Water Extension - 40km
Lanes - No
Restaurant - Yes
Gym - Yes
Swimming-Pool - Yes (indoor)
Spa - Yes
Conference Room - Yes
Boats - Nelo
Motor Boat - Yes
Skill Levels - All
Coach Available - No 1

1 - Coach it's available under request. That's have an extra-coast.